Michael Kors Outlet is a native New Yorker with serious prairie envy.

Michael Kors Outlet is a native New Yorker with serious prairie envy. Time and again, the designer seeks inspiration in America”s open spaces. For spring, he set his sights on the Southwest and designed a collection that was half Texas, half Taos, but not without an urban edge. After all, his big-city girls, like Catherine Zeta-Jones, who, along with husband Michael Douglas, unleashed a paparazzi melee at the show, want to look chic no matter what their destination may be.

To that end, he offered up warm-weather staples with a rich seventies bent, like safari shirts, gauchos, and scarf dresses. There were ecrus, olives, browns, crisp blacks and whites, and painted desert accents of orange and red. Kors can”t resist matching a bikini top with a full skirt; when the bottoms were on display, they were of the high-waist retro variety. (Gratefully, those eyelet numbers were lined.)

It wasn”t all fun in the sun. Take away the hat tied around her neck, and Lisa Cant”s black wool serge bolero and cropped pants go from Santa Fe to Manhattan”s Upper East Side. Of course, his eveningwear—this season in tiers of chantilly lace and point d”esprit—is always gala ready, regardless of the time zone or backdrop.

Now back to the desert. Some members of the audience questioned Kors” use of camouflage. Was it a political statement, a message of support for our troops, or neither? One thing”s for certain: His hand-painted camo-backed mink balmacaan is likely to inspire a waiting list a country mile long.Read more from: https://www.kalakendra.org/upcoming-events/


Call it destination dressing.

Call it destination dressing. For his spring collection, Michael Kors Outlet created a wardrobe with a specific locale in mind: the tiny Mediterranean island of Capri, where pleasure-seekers spend their days yacht-hopping in the harbor and their nights table-hopping at the cafés.

The designer excels at giving classic cuts a sexy edge and a sly spin of luxe, and this season’s jet-set theme gave him carte blanche to pile it on. He added bright gold zippers and contrast stitching to slim jeans; cut miniskirts and motorcycle jackets out of supple suede; and wrapped a prizefighter-size gold belt around a suede romper. Typical Kors hallmarks included leather luggage straps in place of ties on a halter dress, nautical references, and his signature mix of high and low fabrics (silk and canvas, for example). He used white, black, and khaki as a backdrop to set off colors—like vivid orange, yellow, cobalt, and green—which were far more intense than the muted tones generally in favor this season.

For a major designer, Kors didn’t offer much in the way of full-out evening glamour, just a few simple gowns and one beaded dress as blue as the Mediterranean. But his color-blocked cashmeres, swingy silk jersey skirts, crisp organdy shirts, and dresses in blue-and-white awning stripes will certainly make his customer feel ready for Capri—even if she’s stuck in midtown.Read more from: https://www.kalakendra.org/upcoming-events/

Since he opened his store in L.A.

Since he opened his store in L.A., Michael Kors Outlet has been struck by how adventurous Hollywood men are in their approach to dressing. He had George Clooney in mind (with Gwyneth Paltrow as a dream consort) for his new collection. In practice, though, Kors” Tinseltown fantasy turned out to be a pretty literal expression of the sports-and-suits fusion that has dominated the fall season. He showed a lot of ski pants, paired with everything from a fox-trimmed silver anorak to a herringbone blazer. Most of them were in nylon, and worn with goggles, a knit hat, and an enormous muffler (Scarf alert! Start knitting now!), they looked ready for Aspen, which has always been another dream locale for the designer.When he moved away from the synthetic, Kors showed trousers with a fuller, forties influence. Given the collection”s monochrome palette, these evoked inevitable echoes of Old Hollywood, except that backstage he claimed it was a private order from Usher that inspired him. He”s the kind of urban dandy who might be partial to some of Kors” more exciting flourishes, like the coats in nutria and broadtail.Read more from: https://www.kalakendra.org/upcoming-events/

Bursting with confidence

Bursting with confidence: That could describe Michael Kors’sideal woman, his fall show or, these days, the designer himself. In the past year, Kors has been on a business-building rampage. He sold his company, tripled his staff, moved into a mammoth new office space, and introduced a lower-priced line with multimillion-dollar ambitions.

The collection was rooted in Kors’s favorite luxe materials (cashmere, fluttery silks, fine-gauge knits, suede, and lots and lots of fur) and strong tailoring. As expected, there were classics aplenty—suede jeans, an Aran-knit tank top, dramatic sweeping coats, and perfect little sweaters. But there was also a new friskiness on the runway. Kors jettisoned his usual neutrals for juicy colors like lavender, light blue, coral, and chocolate, and mixed in lots of pieces that require a certain youthful bravura (not to mention great legs) to pull off: fringed suede minis, slippery silk blouses, and clingy jersey dresses with rippling knee-length skirts. He piled on the accessories, too, topping the outfits with hefty belts, tooled-leather bags, floppy felt hats, or a knitted mink scarf in a spun-sugar color. In this kind of mood, Kors certainly isn’t feeling like an early-to-bed guy; he closed the show with a handful of high-glamour evening gowns, including one bronze beaded showstopper that glowed like a bright new day.Read more from: https://www.kalakendra.org/upcoming-events/

Kors always builds his collections on a dream couple

It seems audacious to choose this particular moment in American history to dub camouflage the new fashion basic, but Michael Kors Outlet claimed precedent by pointing to its fashionability during the Vietnam era. Social comment or simply a classic print? You decide, Kors said before his show. Either way, camouflage provided the graphic cornerstone of a collection that reveled in a desert-toned earthiness. The print appeared in an army jacket worn with patchwork fatigues (nothing ambiguous there) and, memorably, as a hoodie under a dark-chocolate linen suit.

Kors always builds his collections on a dream couple. This time, it was Taylor and Hudson in Giant, with a dash of Stieglitz and O”Keefe. (The designer got Douglas and Zeta-Jones for his front row, who are surely a dream couple in the eyes of someone, somewhere.) A relaxed, Texas-Taos vibe prevailed: the models wore sandals, and a cashmere sweater was blanket-stitched, as was a pair of chamois jeans. Jackets, shirts, and trousers had a pre-worn crinkle, courtesy of the season”s ubiquitous metal/cotton blend. And one shirt drew its print from the pattern on a bandana.

For a Michael Kors Outlet show, it verged on funky, though the designer”s jump-back reaction to the word suggests that he feels it compromises his innately chic, urban sensibility. Still, when he turned to big-city black-and-white, Kors showed it as a hooded linen sweater over loose linen trousers and as a wrinkled cotton suit—and always with sandals. Like we said, kind of funky.Read more from: https://www.kalakendra.org/upcoming-events/

After last season”s road trip through the Painted Desert

After last season”s road trip through the Painted Desert, Michael Kors Outlet returned to the East Coast for fall inspirations—specifically to Jay Gatsby”s West Egg and the Harvard stomping grounds of Love Story“s Ali MacGraw. For fans of the designer”s trademark mix of tony chic and all-American prep, it was a sure-to-please match.

Gatsby brought long vests and knickers, drop-waist shifts jauntily tied with bows, and a cocktail party”s worth of crystals, mostly on flapper dresses, to the relationship. MacGraw”s contributions included rugby stripes, handkerchief hems, paisleys, and cable-knit cardigans. Then there were her collegiate accessories: distressed-leather belts, argyle knee socks, and, yes, those iconic knit caps.

This is well-trodden territory, of course. The actress, and her early-seventies era, has long been a house favorite. As effortless as the marriage clearly is, it wouldn”t hurt for Kors to let his eyes wander a bit for a new, more modern muse. The first place he should look is his own dazzling socialite- and celebrity-packed front row.Read more from: https://www.kalakendra.org/upcoming-events/

I wish we could think up a different word for it than “pre-fall,”

“I wish we could think up a different word for it than “pre-fall,” ” said Michael Kors Outlet at his showroom presentation today. ” “New stuff,” maybe, or seasonless clothes would be a better description.” With that, he showed off two dozen urbane looks in ivory and black that owe a debt to the pulled-together style of the Hitchcock heroines Kim Novak and Tippi Hedren. In the city-sleek lineup were a chic, hip-length cape worn with narrow, cropped pants; a fluttery ruffle-neck blouse that topped a slim pencil skirt; and a little black cocktail number with a trim bodice and a tulip skirt blossoming below a bow at the waist. Dresses were a focal point; they came fitted in a cashmere-angora knit or flirty in a tweed-print chiffon. “Take off the tights, and it”s a summer dress,” said Kors. “That”s the thing about these clothes—they”ve got to work “now” and going forward.”Read more from: https://www.kalakendra.org/upcoming-events/